Computer Numerical Control


Cutting machines

Cutting machines vary a great deal, material removal has evolved massively over time, the industrial revolution, the drive for effortless income, and expanded trade from increased free trade agreements has result in high motivation to Automate Processes.

CNC Removal Machines



You slip out of bed and complete your normal routine, but before leaving for the day you collect some round-bar, Quilt, Wire, and roll, stack, and place it into a CNC Machine, flip a switch, and walk out the door.

Today you're going to a regular job, whatever it may be, and it's a ten hour shift, the ride there and home is still another hour or so, bored you use some data, or connect to wifi, and hookup to your machine only to be pleased .

Arriving home that pleasure is proven, you find a series of boxes filled with little widgets, already packaged, all you need to do now is send them off for sale.
With some extra help from a website and sales person you sell your widgets making a nice profit.


A CNC machine, some Automation, and a sales person, can make this dream a reality. It will take more, it will take a plan, a Machine or two, and some innovation, but you can start production while living in a small place.

Necessity is truly the mother of invention.

Money the main motivator for all cause; this invention has caused many to automate processes, profit isn't bad, because this drive to make a process simple has created a great deal of wealth for some, if not many, many, people.

Not only has it made people wealthy but a CNC Machine can remove error from a process and increase time, this increases productivity and helps prevent injury resulting in lower costs, those costs then equate to more sales, leading to more profits.

The possible downside;

Unfortunately people lose jobs. Without learning new skills people drop out of the job market over time, these people choose to go back to school in some cases and incur debut, and in other cases drop out of the market for various other reasons, possibly making those less expensive things, seem just as expensive as before for many people, this leaves a large financial gap along with instability.

On the other side, these same machines have created new jobs, expanded our abilities, and driven us as a race, this invention has changed our lives by making dreams a reality, and made more items available for people.



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