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About Whatisacnc.com

Need something made? Email details to get the ball rolling.



Just provide the drawing and details to find out if whatisacnc.com can help with your next project.


Free Calculation Tools.

Find useful tools to calculate things like steps per MM using imperial bar-stock, or calculate Ohm's Law.



Free information so you can self educate, learn most things about CNC here, and if you don't find it, just email and ask for details!


Whatisacnc.com was founded in the early 2010's as a challenge issued by a fellow co-worker; the creator "Crabb" had been messing with Automated systems and coding for a couple of years prior to the challenge. Upon launch the website quickly grew and is still improving and exanding.
Today the website averages about fifteen thousand visitors each month.


Above is a RAMPS Board complete with motor drivers and mounted to the Arduino-Max2560.

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No matter what your skill level is at, you too can CNC! CNC is great for Art, Inventing, Hobby, or Producing parts as a service. Whatisacnc.com is here to help. Home site.

  • Electrical Systems.
  • Mechanical Systems.
  • CNC Services. (For the one off's)

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Cutting a Wood Gear.

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