CNC is an acronym for (Computer Numerical Control), topics covered here include, Programming, Mechanics, and Design;  with a CNC if you can think of a task, you can automate it.     Say It!

If you have a device that has a mouse or a courser, scrolling over the image below and by clicking on a point within the image will result in display of the coordinates from Zero.
Find G-Code as a result on this page.

CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) Engraving machines, Desktop CNC Carving machines, even 3D-Printers will start at the Zero position. Zero May change from machine to machine but the general principle is the same, for machines that are different a Post-Processor is required, regardless all machines run using the Cartesian Coordinate System. Mousing over the image will result in a cross hair, just select the Moose picture someplace to see what the coordinates are from Zero to that point. Imagine as though your mouse courser was the tool end, the given position after clicking would be the actual extruder, cutter, or engraver end. The Units used for measure can be anything, from Imperial Feet and Inches to the Metric CM's, MM's, and M's, it's really up to you and the machine limits.

Stay tuned, PHP CAM Software on its way!

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Seventy percent of the battle to understanding CNC is the comprehension of the Computer, the remaining thirty percent belonging to mechanics; understanding how a PC and software functions together can be a challenge for a number of reasons, for example all the information whirling around, or with the many acronyms and ever changing landscape. Above all that, the cost of school along with the risk of not doing well or enjoying the course may influence the decision. Finally, after a long day at the office, no one is really exited about trying something they may not like...

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