CNC Applications and Different CNC Devices:

A Complete 3-Axis Mill for under $2850-USD, Computer and Software included. Plans, Electronics, and Configuration can be purchased for $250.00 (no computer).

Sometimes starting with the basic Components, the Basic Software, or how things are basically assembled can be a little daunting, even overwhelming, but If you're in the market to Save Money, Repair, Build, or just really understand a CNC machine (or Robot), sometimes we need to dig a little deeper.

But where does one look for this information?

The World Wide Web is the best start, most manufacturers even refer customers to the Web for instructions, but what if there was a "one stop shop" for all this information?

Let's break it down:

Typical Three Axis Machines: These machines are not limited to 3-Axis 
Typical four Axis Machines: These Machines are not limited to 4-Axis 
Other CNC:
CNC Hotwire Cutting.

Industrial-Automation, Manufacturing:

Industrial Automation.


Hardware/ Electronics:

Arduino (Programming Sketches).
Motion Control.